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Lake work to wind down Jan. 15 in refill prep

The refill, which orig inally was scheduled to begin Dec. 26, now is planned by early February.

Posted on January 4, 2023

Crews have less than two weeks left before they must remove all construction, dredging and other equipment from the shoreline of Lake Marble Falls in anticipation of an im- pending refill.

The waterway was lowered about 7 feet in October by the Lower Colorado River Authority.

The refill, which orig inally was scheduled to begin Dec. 26, now is planned by early February.

Lakeside property working on docks, retaining walls and other lakeside structures were direct- ed to finish their work by Jan. 15.

The Lower Colorado River Authority postponed the scheduled post Christ- mas refill of Lake Marble Falls due to more work needed on a flood-battered Max Starcke Dam.

“The work on the intake structure at the dam is taking longer than orig- inally expected,” stated John Hofmann, LCRA executive vice president of Water. “The work is important to help ensure the hydroelectric generators at the dam continue to operate efficiently and reliably.” Sometime this month, LCRA officials are expect – ed to release a refill start date as the work comes to a close.

The extended draw – down has benefitted the city of Marble Falls in their effort to perform upgrades and maintenance on the municipal water plant intake and related systems.

As the drawdown continued, workers are able to clear the way for new or enhanced park amenities.

Officials shared that municipal crews have been able to address Hays Addition boat ramp issues and repairing the bagged concrete wall along the north shoreline.

Crews also worked to clear vegetation on the rock walls lining the north side of the lake in anticipation of a boardwalk project.

Most notably, lowering the lake exposed a portion of the bed of the adjacent Backbone Creek in Johnson Park.

“There are no public safety issues associated with Backbone Creek and LCRA lowering Lake Marble Falls,” Marble Falls Deputy Assistant City Manager Caleb Kraenzel explained. “[T] he straw used for water intake is lower than the lake drawback levels, and there is no effect on the water treatment process, including the quantity and quality.

“The public works and water plant staff closely communicates and coordinates with LCRA during the lake lowering process.”

For more information, go to https://www. lake-lowerings/.



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