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Recognizing Coastlines As Dynamic, Shifting Environments Rather Than Targets For Control And Management

World ,

Coastlines – the interface between land and sea – lie at the frontline in the battle against climate change impacts. Globally, almost 1 billion people now live within 10km of a coastline and the same number live in areas less than 10 metres above sea level. These populations face some of the world’s biggest climate… Read More

Old Florida growth rules thwarted development that would have made Idalia worse

FL, United States

Last month, when Hurricane Idalia clobbered the sparsely settled coast of Taylor County in Florida’s Big Bend region, it sent my memory spinning back nearly 20 years to the first time I visited that area. I was there to report on what was happening to hundreds of acres of swamp and salt marsh in an… Read More

Staten Island Living Breakwaters project wins international adaptation award

NY, United States

Staten Island’s “Living Breakwaters” project received international acclaim this month as the winner of the 2023 Obel award, which recognizes outstanding architectural contributions in service of both people and the planet. The $107 million resiliency effort, located off the South Shore of Staten Island, spans 2,400 linear feet across eight separate breakwaters. They are designed to blunt… Read More

Pinellas County begins emergency beach restoration in Treasure Island

FL, United States

Pinellas County officials are taking emergency measures to shore up some beaches that were slammed by Hurricane Idalia. It will be paid for with money from county tourist development taxes. The project is starting on Sunset Beach in Treasure Island, and will soon move to other impacted areas. Sand is expected to be trucked in… Read More

Regulators want to limit coastal development to protect Maine’s sand dunes

ME, United States

State environmental regulators are seeking to further limit coastal development to protect sand dunes from rising sea levels. The new rule would require that planning be based on new dune maps created by the Maine Geological Survey. At the Board of Environmental Protection’s hearing on Thursday, Maine Audubon wildlife biologist Laura Minich Zitske spoke in support… Read More

Sand dredging is ‘sterilising’ ocean floor, UN warns

World ,

Around 6 billion tons of marine sand is being dug up each year in a growing practice that a U.N. agency said is unsustainable and can wipe out local marine life irreversibly. Sand is the most exploited natural resource in the world after water but its extraction for use in industries like construction is only loosely governed,… Read More

Sand mining is close to being an environmental crisis. Here’s why – and what can be done about it

World ,

Demand for sand mining for construction materials has tripled in the past two decades, reaching 50 billion tonnes a year. Urgent action is needed to avoid a “sand crisis”, says the United Nations Environment Programme. A new World Economic Forum report identifies five priority actions for the cement and concrete sector to reduce its impact… Read More

Dredging Market 2023 Trends with Analysis on Key Players

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Dredging Market 2023 Trends with Analysis on Key Players Weeks Marine, Coastal Dredging Company, Van Oord N.V., Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, Dredging Environmental and Marine Engineering N.V., Jan De Nul N.V., and Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V Global “Dredging” Market Trends and Insights,” new research, has just become available on The Dredging Market  has shown consistent… Read More

As volume lowers, saltwater intrusion threatens Lower Mississippi River

LA, United States

On Friday Gov. John Bel Edwards held a modified Unified Command Group (UCG) meeting in New Orleans for an update on the saltwater intrusion threat that continues to grow in the Lower Mississippi River region. Gov. Edwards was joined by several parish presidents and officials from the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness… Read More

100-200 dump trucks of sand to be hauled in daily for Treasure Island dune restoration

FL, United States

Hurricane Idalia made a bad situation worse on Sunset Beach. Now the work begins to replace all the sand lost.  Source

Emergency dune restoration project begins on Sunset Beach as Hurricane Idalia recovery continues

FL, United States

An emergency dune restoration project has begun on Sunset Beach, as the Tampa Bay coastline recovers after Hurricane Idalia. On Friday, crews started bringing in truckloads of sand to rebuild the dunes on Sunset Beach. Treasure Island officials said this restoration project is desperately needed. Parts of Sunset Beach are closed until the work is completed. Crews… Read More

Interview with Nimish: Navigating the Future of Logistics

World ,

As an authority in the field, Nimish offers unique insights into the challenges, innovations, and the promising future of logistics. Today, we sat down with him for an in-depth conversation about his journey, his book, and the road ahead for logistics and navigation. In the dynamic world of logistics and navigation, few have made as… Read More

Winchester Bay harbor cleaned up under budget, Douglas County Commissioners say

OR, United States

Douglas County Commissioners are celebrating the successful dredging of Salmon Harbor in Winchester Bay, a historic project that wrapped up on time and under budget. The Salmon Harbor Marina, an important water access in the coastal town of Winchester Bay, was last dredged in 2003, county commissioners said. With debris and sediment building up in… Read More

The Cleanup of Seattle’s Only River Could Cost Boeing and Taxpayers $1 Billion. Talks Over Who Will Pay Most Are Secret.

WA, United States

The company once described the Duwamish, one of the country’s most contaminated waterways, as “a natural collector” for its wastes. The Port of Seattle and Boeing accuse each other of failing to pay their fair shares for the cleanup. In its early days as a major aircraft manufacturer, Boeing was remarkably open about toxic chemicals… Read More

DredgeWire Exclusive – Rohr USA expands its product line of dredging equipment

CA, United States

ROHR LLC (dba Aggregate Dredge Solutions) has recently signed an exclusive contract with Rohr Bagger GmbH to distribute the Rohr dredging equipment line in North and South America. The agreement includes support for existing customers with parts and services for their dredges, including hydraulic buckets (all brands), screens (all brands) from Rohr’s locations in Concord,… Read More

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