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The Art And Science Of Dredging Water Treatment

Rockford , MI, United States

A Summary of a WEDA Presentation Prepared Exclusively for DredgeWire By Amber Wilson and Scott Ponstein Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc., or IAI, has provided dredged material processing and water treatment services for environmental dredging projects since 2002, utilizing the principles of sanitary wastewater treatment and residuals management. IAI is an active member of the Western Dredging… Read More

Golding Barge takes delivery of second triple-screw towboat

MS, United States

Now in service with Golding Barge Line Inc., of Vicksburg, Miss., the M/V Rusty Moore is the second of two 94-foot, triple-screw towboats built for the company by Master Boat Builders of Coden, Ala. Delivered in August, it is named for Rusty Moore, a long-time veteran of the family-owned company, who started his inland waterways… Read More

ZEI’s hydrogen-powered craft project gets $2 million grant

CA, United States

The California Energy Commission has awarded Zero Emissions Industries a $2 million grant to design, build and test a first-of-its-kind hydrogen fuel cell powered small, fast harbor craft. Formerly known as Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine, ZEI is a Bay area startup, that is led by CEO Dr. Joseph Pratt, focused on hydrogen technology. To… Read More

DSC Dredge introduces new design Moray Class Swinging Ladder Dredge with Tier 4 Engine

LA, United States

DSC Dredge introduces its newly improved Moray Class Dredge – New Patented Apparatus and Tier 4 Engine Design. RESERVE, LOUISIANA For over twenty (20) years, DSC Dredge’s Moray Class dredge design has remained the same with only minor enhancements made within the last decade.  Uniquely offering a swinging ladder configuration along with an efficient submerged… Read More

Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding delivers new Maryland Pilots launch

MD, United States

The Association of Maryland Pilots has taken delivery of its fourth Chesapeake class launch from Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding, Duclos Corporation, Somerset, Mass. Since the Chesapeake class pilot boat was introduced by Gladding-Hearn in 2003, 22 have been delivered to 12 pilot associations throughout the United States. With a deep-V hull designed by Ray Hunt Design, the… Read More

Custom Dredge Works Delivers A New Electric Powered Chain-Ladder Dredge To Winter Brothers Material Company

MO, United States

Custom Dredge Works is proud to announce the launch of a new 14” Electric Chain-Ladder Cutter Suction Dredge to mine Sand & Gravel for Winter Bros Material Co. Since we were looking to have a long-term relationship with our dredge manufacturer that might last 25 years or more, we wanted to make sure it was… Read More

Largest hopper dredge in U.S. will have Wabtec diesels; Keppel AmFELS new build for Manson

United States

The 15,000-cubic-yard self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredge on order at the Keppel AmFELS shipyard in Brownsville, Texas, for Manson Construction Co. will be powered by five Wabtec V250MDC marine diesel engines (three 16V250MDC units and two 12V250MDC units). To be named Frederick Paup, the dredge has a length of 420 feet, breadth of 81 feet… Read More

Caterpillar Marine Launches Gen II Displays

IL, United States

Caterpillar Marine has unveiled its second-generation Cat Marine Displays used for monitoring all engine platforms, supporting different vessel applications for professional maritime use. The three CMD variants—Cat CMD5 (5” display), CMD8 (8” display), and CMD13 (13.3” display)—designed to provide operators easy access to current operating data and alarms for engines. The new displays are type-approved… Read More

Custom Dredge Works Delivers A New Electric Powered Chain-Ladder Dredge To Winter Brothers Material Company

MO, United States

Since we were looking to have a long-term relationship with our dredge manufacturer that might last 25 years or more, we wanted to make sure it was going to be good. ”— Jerry Gunter ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, April 7, 2021 / — Winter Brothers Material Company is a third-generation, family owned business celebrating its… Read More

DSC Dredge Announces New Marlin Class Dredge Design

LA, United States

Reserve, La.-based cutter suction dredge manufacturer DSC Dredge has unveiled a new version of its Marlin Class dredge currently under construction and slated to become available in mid-2021. The newly designed 14-inch underwater pump mining dredge is equipped with a 1,125-horsepower EPA Tier 4-compliant diesel engine and offers 65-foot dredging depth capability. Notably, the dredge… Read More

Paraná River push boat fleet migrates to Thordon

South America ,

Atria Logistics UABL, one of South America’s leading push boat operators, is on its way to completing a fleet-wide retrofit to Thordon’s water lubricated tailshaft and rudder bearings. Atria operates a fleet of push boats on the Paraná River, a waterway characterized by its abrasive nature, resulting in high wear rates for conventional rubber tailshaft… Read More

Supreme Manufacturing sells 13yd3 clam shell dredge to Long Island NY sand & gravel producer

NY, United States

A DredgeWire exclusive March 30 – (Long Island NY) – Supreme Manufacturing, Inc. of Pennsylvania USA has been awarded a contract to build a new clamshell dredge for an eastern Long Island sand and gravel producer.  The dredge model is an MD-13 gantry style dredge with a 13 cubic-yard bucket.  The producer looked to Supreme Manufacturing to provide a long-term solution to… Read More

Conrad Delivers ABS Deck Barge To Ashton Marine

Morgan City , LA, United States

Morgan City, LA: Conrad Shipyard delivered an ABS deck barge to Ashton Marine LLC, a marine transportation company based in Muskegon, MI. Named the AM 3600, the 240’ x 60’ x 14’ ABS deck barge will carry 3,600 tons of bulk materials and project cargo throughout the Great Lakes area. The deck barge is equipped… Read More

5 min video on the role of Great Lakes shipping and maritime in the US steel supply chain

United States

There is no one hero in the story of the Great Lakes. The economic prosperity of the region is due to the efficient and symbiotic connection of The Saint Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes ports, foreign and domestic vessels, manufacturers, companies, the employees that work there, and their relationship to their local communities. This supply chain… Read More

Great Lakes freighter company prepping all 9 ships for 2021 season

OH, United States

The Interlake Steamship Company is prepping its entire fleet of nine freighters for the 2021 shipping season as the Soo Locks prepares to reopen – signaling the start of the season – later this month. The fact that none of the big lakers are sitting out the season is a good sign for the economy,… Read More

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