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RMC starts construction of 1st Finnish Navy Pohjanmaa class corvette

Steel cutting ceremony of the first Pohjanmaa class corvette.

Posted on November 8, 2023

The Pohjanmaa-class corvettes, being developed by Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) and RMC Defence, are engineered to navigate the demanding maritime environment of the Baltic Sea throughout the year.

The shipyard has invested in advanced steel production technology to accommodate the welding of finer plates, which is often required in contemporary naval construction. A prototype was previously built to evaluate and refine the production process and to ensure that the shipyard’s facilities were adequate for building military-grade vessels.

The Rauma shipyard has a long-standing history with Finnish naval construction, being responsible for a significant portion of the Finnish Navy’s fleet since the 1990s. The shipyard’s capabilities in building and maintaining vessels are expected to play a important role in the successful completion of the corvette project.

The Pohjanmaa-class corvettes are unique in their design, incorporating advanced surveillance systems for comprehensive maritime monitoring. These ships are also equipped for mine-laying, anti-ship, anti-submarine, and anti-aircraft operations, and can be deployed in various maritime missions including participation in international crisis management efforts.

The technical aspects of the corvettes, such as shock resistance, noise reduction, and stealth features, have been specially considered in their design. These vessels are notable for being the first in the Finnish Navy to be designed and constructed under the supervision of a ship classification society with specific performance standards for ice conditions.

The project is expected to be completed by 2029 and is anticipated to have a substantial impact on employment in the Finnish maritime industry.

Technical data

The Pohjanmaa-class corvettes are maritime vessels with a displacement of 4,300 tons, spanning a length of 117 meters and featuring a beam of 16 meters. These corvettes have a draught of 5 meters and are built to achieve a top speed of 26 knots.

Their operational range extends to 3,500 nautical miles, with an endurance allowing them to remain at sea for up to 14 days. Accommodations are provided for a crew of 73 individuals who operate and maintain the functions of the ship during its voyages.


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