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Norled takes delivery of Ro-Pax ferry from Sembcorp Marine

Posted on July 6, 2022

Norwegian ferry operator Norled has taken delivery of the second of three identical battery-operated roll-on/roll-off passenger (Ro-Pax) ferries from Singapore-based shipbuilder Sembcorp Marine.

Named Dragsvik, the zero-emission vessel has been designed by Sembcorp Marine’s LMG Marin subsidiary.

Featuring lithium-ion batteries that will be charged using green hydroelectric power, the vessel can operate at a service speed of ten knots.

The ferry has been designed to operate on a combined battery-diesel hybrid backup mode if needed.

The 82.4m-long multi-deck and double-ended ferry includes several features, including quick-connection shore charging plugs, auto-mooring and auto-cross capabilities, and efficient hull, propulsion and heat recovery systems.

Dragsvik also features minimised hotel and auxiliary load solutions, according to the company.

With a capacity for carrying 300 persons and 80 cars, or a combination of up to ten cars and ten trailer trucks, Dragsvik will join Hella, the first sister ship constructed by Sembcorp Marine.

Hella is currently operating on Norled’s shortsea Hella-Vangsnes-Dragsvik route.

The third Ro-Pax ferry is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

LMG Marin managing director Torbjorn Bringedal said: “The vessel has been optimised to meet Norled’s green operating requirements and will contribute to the firm’s sustainable fleet operations when it goes into service.”


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