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MD NDR Awards Cecil County Council $2.1 million for East River Dredge Project

Posted on March 31, 2023

NORTH EAST — The use of a $2.1 million grant awarded to Cecil County by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Waterway Improvement was passed last week by the Cecil County Council allowing for the engineering, inspection and construction of the Stoney Run Dredge Material Placement (DMP) site to begin.

The DMP site is critical to the dredging process of the North East River as it allows the material accumulated through the dredging process to be handled appropriately. County officials say that the DMP project will begin in April 2023 and be finished by August 2023.

Once the DMP site is complete, the Army Corp of Engineers will begin the actual dredging process of the North East River. The dredging process is expected to begin in December 2023 and be completed by January 2024.

The roughly four month buffer between the completion of the DMP project and the start of dredging is due to wildlife spawning which county officials say they try to disturb as little as possible when working on waterways.


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