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Maritime Partners hosts hydrogen event in New Orleans

Posted on July 6, 2022

Over 150 maritime industry influencers gathered in New Orleans, La., last month to discuss alternative fuels and paths to decarbonization. Hosted by Maritime Partners, the event focused on the Hydrogen One project and methanol-to-hydrogen reforming technology.

The vessel is set to join the fleet of Maritime Partners and become available for charter in 2023 to meet the pressing demand for sustainable towboat operations. The M/V Hydrogen One, will be IMO 2030 compliant, meet the USCG’s Subchapter M requirements, and have an operational range of 550 miles before refueling. Maritime Partners in cooperation with Elliott Bay Design Group, e1 Marine, and ABB are developing it.

The Hydrogen One is a viable substitute to a traditional towboat of similar size. With a range of about five days before refueling, this vessel makes substantial strides towards a net-zero emissions profile while running on traditional methanol.

The vessel runs on bio-methanol and other sources of non-fossil-based methanol when readily available without modifications to the power train, including green methanol derived from renewable energy sources.

Once deployed, the Hydrogen One (and its sister vessels and derivatives) will be one of the clearest, near-term pathways to achieving net-zero emissions goals with commercial viable technology in the U.S. Jones Act trade.

Maritime Partners is a leading provider of maritime financing solutions, specializing in Jones Act trades. With a fleet of 1,600 vessels in service, we offer tailored leasing services to operators across the full spectrum of credit quality.

A privately held company founded in 2015, Maritime Partners provides the assets that transport the commodities, which represent the primary building blocks of the domestic economy, including agricultural products, chemicals, aggregates, crude oil, and refined petroleum products. Our management team leverages more than 50 years of operational experience in chartering, asset management, shipbuilding, and financing across all marine asset classes.


It's on us. Share your news here.
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