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Huntsville Center awards Army, Air Force energy contract

Posted on June 8, 2022

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –The U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville (Huntsville Center) awarded the Army Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI)/Air Force Office of Energy Assurance (OEA) Support Services (OEI OEA Support Services V) GSA task order contract for $83 million to Deloitte Consulting. The contractor will assess and define energy vulnerabilities, identify third-party funding sources, and assist the government in developing and overseeing projects (through completion) for installations. This is not a personal services contract.  The period of performance is a 12-month base period with four 12-month option periods for a total of 60-months at the Zachary Taylor Building, located in Arlington, Virginia.

Huntsville Center supports specialized missions that require unique technical/acquisition expertise in programs that are generally national or very broad in scope. The Center supports tasks not normally accomplished by a Headquarters U.S. Army Corps of Engineers element; tasks that require a centralized management structure, integrated facilities or systems that cross geographic division boundaries; and tasks that require commonality, standardization, multiple-site adaption or technology transfers.

Huntsville Center’s Energy Division provides an array of services including: critical energy analysis; planning and consultation; project management; acquisition support/tools; alternative financing and other services delivering cost savings to customers.


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