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During visit to Savannah, Sen. Jon Ossof, EPA Admin announce $4B investment in clean port upgrades

Posted on May 10, 2023

U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan visited the Port of Savannah on Friday. They announced the development of programs that will invest $4 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act into port infrastructure.

They said the investment will help grow our nation’s ports while also helping reduce noise and air pollution.

“This is a win-win for our economy and for local communities,” Ossoff said.

The two chose to make their announcement at the Port of Savannah, seeing as it has already been rewarded $9 million to upgrade and replace older freight trucks, cargo handling equipment and marine engines with cleaner models.

“The mere fact the president of the United States thought kindly to make this announcement in the Port of Savannah speaks volumes on the work the men and women at the Port of Savannah have done,” said I.L.A. Local No. 1414 President, Paul Mosley.

Regan said the new $4 billion investment will be spent on the development of two specific programs.

“The Clean Ports Program will invest $3 billion in technologies that reduce harmful climate pollutants, and the Clean Vehicle Program will invest $1 billion to help transition heavy-duty trucks and buses to zero emissions vehicles,” Regan said.

Regan said Friday he feels these programs will have a lot of benefits.

“Together, these programs made possible by President Biden’s Investing in America plan will restore infrastructure, create good paying jobs and build a clean energy economy that protects both the people and the planet,” he said.

The EPA is now seeking public input to inform the development of two new programs. They’re especially interested in comments detailing the availability, market price and performance of zero-emission trucks, zero-emission port equipment, electric charging, and other fueling infrastructure needs for zero-emission technologies. They also want to know to what degree the content and components of these systems are manufactured in the United States.

You have until June 5 to fill out the Request for Information (RFI).

Leaders could not yet say how much of the $4 billion will be going to the Port of Savannah.





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