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Council carrying out coastal repairs around Tenby’s beaches

Tenby's Esplanade

Posted on March 8, 2023

Coastal structure repairs around parts of Tenby’s beaches are currently being carried out ahead of the holiday season.

County Councillor for the town’s North ward Cllr Michael Williams asked Pembrokeshire County Councils head of infrastructure Darren Thomas for an update on such issues ahead of another holiday season for the seaside town, pointing out that ‘temporary barriers’ had been put in place around parts of Castle Hill, The Paragon, and The Esplanade, asking for assurances that the repair work will be carried out pre-Easter.

Cllr Williams also asked for an update on work currently underway on part of the wall at Tenby harbour pier and its completion date.

Mr. Thomas stated that contracted team had finished the stonework on the pier, and weather dependent, should be off site by Friday, March 3.

Providing feedback on areas where temporary barriers had been put in place, Mr Thomas said that handrail repairs at Castle Hill were due to be undertaken on March 13; whilst the repairs to the parapet at the Paragon, would be carried out March 22, explaining that as it was classed as a listed structure with very difficult access, organising the repair had taken longer than the local authority would have liked.

Handrail repairs along the Esplanade overlooking South Beach had been completed, with barriers due to be removed this month.


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