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Udupi: Malpe harbour turning into ‘death trap’ due to no dredging from past three years

Posted on November 23, 2021

Udupi, Nov 20: Fishing is an adventurous and also a risky job. None can predict when the fishermen will face danger. Recently, the number of people who died after falling into water accidentally at fishing harbour at Malpe are rising. Many a times, the mortal remains were found after two or three days due to the presence of silt.

Unfortunately, dredging work has not been undertaken in the fishing harbour from the past three years.

Several boats including several from other states are anchored here. The depth here is about 25 to 30 feet. It is said that as the water is polluted, even swimmers hesitate to get into the water during rescue operations.

It is said that when the water is less in the harbour, there are possibilities of the rope, net or tyre getting entangled to the fan of boats. If dredging is conducted for about five to seven feet, lives can be saved in drowning incidents.

If someone falls into water accidentally, the person will go five feet deep, and will lose life till he is back to the surface. Though the nearest Fire and Emergency Services officials rush to spot, it is very difficult to save a life.

Except swimmer Eshwar Malpe, there are no teams of swimming experts in this region. People’s representatives are not bothered about this, it is alleged.

If a dead body is not found, insurance amount will not be paid for ten years.

“Bringing out the body from the water in between the boats is a very difficult task. The family members are waiting for mortal remains. If mortal remains are not found, the insurance amount will not be paid for ten years. The police will register a missing case. Though it is a very difficult task, mortal remains will be brought out from the water,” says Eshwar Malpe.

As the silt is filled under water, it is very difficult for a person to come up from the water while they accidentally fall into it. A person can be saved if there is plenty of water. Hence, dredging should be done very soon and in this regard, concerned officials should take the necessary action.

“There are pieces of fibre and glass, tyre and iron in the water. Sometimes, our head hits te boat while we return to the surface. But, I will retrieve the mortal remains for the family, even though I could not save a life,” says Eshwar Malpe.

“It is brought to the notice of our minister that dredging should be done at least up to 10 feet. It is my request too. It will be helpful to those who come to Malpe harbour. It will also be helpful to boat owners and it will prevent damage to the boats. Hence, dredging should be done,” requests Eshwar Malpe.

Another expert lifeguard team should be formed. This will avoid the number of people losing their lives. The department should seriously think over this issue before its very late.


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