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The Nature Conservancy reports it is in final stage of Erie Marsh Preserve restoration

Posted on June 20, 2022

Migrating birds are making their annual trip north to forests, prairies, streams, rivers and beaches across the United States and Canada.

Hundreds of millions of birds will stop along the way and southeast Michigan is one of their favorite places to rest and refuel. These stopover sites are critical to the survival of migratory birds, whose journeys can span thousands of miles, some traveling from as far as the tropical forests of South America.

The more we can do to provide the habitat they need during their arduous journey, the better we can protect their future survival.

And we benefit, too. Migratory birds offer more than beautiful plumes and melodic calls. Our feathered friends have a significant positive impact on our environment, economy and mental health.


It's on us. Share your news here.
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