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Resolve Marine repositions Alaska response tug to Kodiak

Makushin Bay

Posted on November 24, 2020

Resolve Marine has repositioned its Alaska-based response tug Makushin Bay from Dutch Harbor to Kodiak, where it will respond to a growing need to provide local vessel operators and owners with rapid response and cost efficiencies.

Resolve Marine currently maintains vessels, assets (dry dock, barges, cranes), and services out of its Dutch Harbor location, where its primary response vessel will continue to be its tug Pioneer, ensuring Resolve and 1-Call Alaska clients continue to receive a high level of service and protection.

Stationing the Makushin Bay in Kodiak with a 24/7, manned crew will significantly improve response time and marine services along Alaska’s south coast.

Resolve Marine’s response activity has increased around Kodiak showing the need for a dedicated response presence that can ensure greater protection for Alaska’s sensitive coastal areas.

The 130-foot Makushin Bay is well suited for Kodiak area operations. As a shallow draft vessel (8-foot maximum draft), it can maneuver close to shore and access tight] spaces.

In addition to comprehensive ocean towing and booming capabilities, the vessel is versatile with a marine crane (extension boom 35 to 55 feet) capable of lifting 10,700 pounds at 55 feet outreach and 20,000 pounds at 41 feet. The vessel is equipped with state of the art communication and location electronics, while its 1,800 horsepower engines enable it to reach speeds up to 10 knots.

Repositioning the tug gives Resolve Marine the ability to provide response services to Kodiak while being a viable option for southeast Alaska.

“Having a reliable response vessel closer to the locations where it is needed not only improves response time,” said A.W. McAfee, General Manager, Resolve Marine Alaska, “but can lower costs for local Kodiak clients by reducing overall mobilization expenses.”

Source: marinelog

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