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Port of Rotterdam launches digitised solution for container ops

The Port of Rotterdam has adopted integrated planning to manage its inland container shipping operations.

Posted on January 23, 2023

After a successful trial phase, Nextlogic has been given the green light by inland shipping companies, terminals, and the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

The implementation of Nextlogic is expected to increase the efficiency and speed of handling inland vessels in the port and terminals, and optimise the use of quays.

Under integrated planning, barge operators are required to provide Nextlogic with detailed information on port calls, rotations, and cargo for each inland vessel in advance. Terminals, on the other hand, are required to provide information on the available quay capacity.

Nextlogic then compares this information and creates an optimal schedule for all parties involved. The planning is automatically optimised 24/7.

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Currently, 60 per cent of the Port of Rotterdam’s total inland shipping volume is planned through Nextlogic, with four deep sea terminals and 15 barge operators participating. A fifth deep sea terminal and other barge operators are also preparing to connect to Nextlogic.

“I’m delighted that barge operators, terminals and we, as Nextlogic, have jointly managed to progress this integrated planning to a standard service,” said Sijbrand Pot, Interim Director of Nextlogic.

“It is an important milestone in this port-wide innovation project. Together with all parties involved, the ultimate goal is to achieve a more transparent, efficient port that benefits everyone.”

Tank storage company, Vopak, recently embarked on a joint venture with German hydrogen company, Hydrogenious, for the storage, transport, and supply of hydrogen at the Port of Rotterdam.

Building the plant will first require, among other things, the licensing process to be completed successfully.


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