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Pittsburgh District project management chief retires after almost four decades of positive impact

Sue Majewski

Posted on July 27, 2022

Known best for her positive and respectful demeanor, Sue Majewski, Pittsburgh District’s deputy chief of planning, programs and project management, will retire after almost 40 years of federal service.

Her colleagues describe her as “humble, respectful and hardworking,” saying they will greatly miss her in the office and her positive outlook. She was able to “shine a bright light on the hard work that our branch does” while working as a branch chief, according to her replacement James Shibata.

The planning, program and project management branch consists of project managers, program analysts, and project schedulers that oversee the projects in the district. They work on project planning and scheduling, project execution and project changes. While also communicating the status of projects to district stakeholders. Many of these projects work to prevent flooding, degraded ecosystems and bank erosion.

During Sue’s time, she was able to successfully receive funding for many essential investment projects to reduce the mission, operation and safety risks. One of the most recent projects she helped with was the Upper Ohio Navigation project, she was able to get almost $1 billion in funding.

After speaking with Sue, her infectiously positive attitude was evident when speaking with her. Sue said it was a tough decision to retire.

“I will miss all of the people here at the corps who became like a second family to me,” she said.

Sue has juggled many roles during her time with the Pittsburgh District, working for five different departments over the years and on many exciting projects. One of her favorite times was when she, and a few others, took a private tour of the West Wing at the White House after a congressional visit.

Sue plans to retire at the end of July and James Shibata, currently the project management chief, will take over her position. She wishes James the best of luck and tells him “to treat others how you would like to be treated, do the right thing and use common sense.”

James, who has worked with Sue for four years, will miss being able to bounce ideas off her, and her ability to understand issues and how to best resolve them.

When asked what she will do with all her new free time, Sue laughed and said, “I won’t be bored.” She plans to get back into playing piano and pick up a few other instruments, as well as volunteer, visit family, travel and work in her garden.

Sue is grateful to have had the supervisors she worked under and hopes that she, too, will be remembered as a great supervisor who worked hard for the district.

She expressed thanks all of her team members; her supervisor, Deputy District Engineer Lenna Hawkins; and everyone else who has helped and became her friend over the years.


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