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Parker Towing acquires General Marine Services

Posted on October 13, 2022

Parker Towing Company, an Alabama-based maritime transportation company, announced today it has acquired General Marine Services (GMS), a Baton Rouge-based tank barge operator.

The acquisition of GMS expands Parker Towing’s current tank barge division, and fits into their strategy to continue to diversify and grow from a traditionally dry cargo carrier. GMS operates a fleet of liquid tank barges and towboats and provides services to customers in the refining industry. “Gene Moore and GMS have a long-standing reputation of providing high quality service to its customers. By acquiring GMS, Parker Towing will be able to offer a broader array of services to current and future customers.” said Tim Parker III, president of Parker Towing Company.

Founded in 2015, GMS specializes in liquid cargo transportation services for oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.

“GMS shares many of the same core values as Parker Towing Company with a focus on providing high quality customer service, and a commitment to safety and sustainability,” said Gene Moore, president of GMS. “GMS is excited to partner with Parker Towing and to work with their senior management team.”

The GMS management team will continue in their current roles.

Parker Towing Company is one of the largest family-owned barge lines in the United States, operating a fleet of towboats 390 open and covered hopper barges as well as a fleet of 30,000 BBL tank barges. In addition to the barging operations, Parker Towing Company also operates terminals for loading and unloading barges at several locations in Alabama and Tennessee. These terminals handle a broad range of dry and liquid cargo commodities and provide an intermodal link between barges, trucks, and rail.


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