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Med Marine Delivers Mwokozi II to Kenya Port Authority

Med Marine has delivered the Mwokozi II for Mombasa Port

Posted on April 12, 2023

Med Marine has delivered the Mwokozi II (MED-A42120 class tugboat) the most powerful tugboat that Med Marine has delivered to the Kenya Port Authority (KPA). Mwokozi II will operate in Mombasa, East Africa’s largest port.

The azimuth stern drive (ASD) tugboat Mwokozi II was designed by Canadian naval architects Robert Allan Ltd (RAL) as the “RAstar 4200” series.

The tugboat is designed to meet with Kenya Port Authority (KPA)’s requirements to provide safe and reliable ship handling services and equipped to perform towing and salvage operations in East Africa and Indian Ocean regions as required. The salvage operations will create a new revenue stream for the Kenya Port Authority and enhance their corporate image as a leading port along Western Indian Ocean Seaboard.

The Mwokozi II was constructed to RINA rules with the following notation:
This 42-m tug has a moulded beam of 16 m, a maximum draft of 7,2 m, and a bollard pull of a minimum of 120 tons.

The vessel is SOLAS compliant for gross tonnage >1000. Main propulsion comprises a pair of Cat C280-12 diesel engines, each rated at 3700 kW at 1000 rpm, and each driving a Schottel SRP 710 Fixed Pitch, 3.4m propeller Z-drive. The vessel is equipped with a Schottel tunnel thruster at the bow for enhanced maneuverability. The electrical plant comprises two Caterpillar C 9.3 diesel gen-sets each with a power output of 200 kWe.

The vessel’s accommodations are outfitted to high, MLC compliant standards for a crew of up to 18 personnel. The Master, Chief Engineer and Owner cabins are located on the main deck with eight double crew cabins located in the lower accommodations. The ship’s design process and equipment selections were carried out in line with the requirements of the port authority, and all processes were decided as a result of cooperation. The vessel has fore and aft winches to perform salvage and successful search and rescue operations.

On the foredeck is a MacGregor MG HAT/GDG-30-1230U02272x2 hydraulically driven, split drum, towing winch accommodating 2 x 220 metres of 72 mm diameter synthetic rope and fitted with double gypsies and warping heads. The winch is equipped with a length and tension monitoring system with load indicating display in the wheelhouse.On the aft deck, there is a MacGregor MG-HTWW-1232D10064 hydraulically driven towing winch, accommodating 1000 m of 64 mm diameter steel wire rope and a MacGregor hydraulic combined shark jaws and towing pins package.

Based in east Africa’s largest port of Mombasa, Mwokozi II is available for salvage and harbor operations and coastal towage. Med Marine said it is a vital addition to Mombasa and is part of Kenya Ports Authority’s modernization and maintenance program, which aims to enhance efficiency and safety at sea. Med Marine:


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