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Hillman Marsh Faces Erosion Crisis: Urgent Restoration Effort Launched

Posted on October 2, 2023

Hillman Marsh, a site of profound cultural, social, and environmental importance within the Essex Region, faces a grave threat as severe erosion encroaches upon the marsh. Immediate action is imperative to prevent further erosion that threatens to consume both the swamp and its adjoining beach.

The erosion crisis has already erased the crucial barrier beach, the first line of defence against rising water levels and the fury of storm-driven waves. This loss risks the safety and integrity of surrounding homes, farms, and businesses.

In response to this pressing issue, a diverse group of rights holders, stakeholders, scientists, and concerned individuals have joined forces over the past year to forge the Hillman Marsh Conservation Area Restoration Plan. While preliminary research is underway, this endeavour’s critical next phase involves seeking public input.

Community members are cordially invited to participate in informative sessions on October 3rd and October 10th, 2023, scheduled from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. These meetings will be held at the Nature Fresh Farms Recreation Centre in Leamington, specifically in Sherk Auditorium “B.” The format will be open-house style, featuring a comprehensive presentation on the project’s progress and the proposed restoration concepts at 7:00 pm. Attendees will be able to voice their thoughts and suggestions verbally or by using provided feedback forms.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority, a public sector organization established by the Province in 1973 and governed by local municipalities, is at the forefront of this critical initiative. For half a century, it has tirelessly delivered programs and services to advance the conservation, restoration, development, and management of natural resources in watersheds across the Essex Region.


It's on us. Share your news here.
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