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Black’s Beach in Torrey Pines split in two after dramatic bluff collapse

Posted on January 25, 2023

Usually, the stretch of beach from Torrey Pines State Beach to Black’s Beach is one continuous strip of sand, but late last week, a bluff just south of the Torrey Pines Glider Port failed; the slide was so giant it split the beaches in two.

Ezra Kozviner has been Surfing Black’s Beach for 15 years and has never seen a bluff collapse this big and said while in the water, he could see that the cliffs weren’t done moving.

“Being here right in front of it, the magnitude of the collapse is kind of crazy. While I was out there looking back, there was a lot more that can still come down,” Kozviner said.

The City of San Diego has had Geologists on sight and is sending another team to determine how to keep the area safe.

City of San Diego Geologist Mike Jensen said this was a previous slide area and that the heavy rain saturated the cliff and added weight, and then the large waves are likely what caused the bluff to fail.

Ezra saw parts of the bluff that were past the tipping point.

“Some of the parts of the cliffs are leaning over; I think more is going to fall real soon,” Ezra said.

People heading down to the beach were told to stay away from the base of the bluffs as the signs warned the slide could still be active.

“You can’t run…it happens so fast, you can’t run from it. There are things you can’t predict; stay away from the unstable-looking cliffs.


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