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”Anonymous Sudan” Cyber Attack Paralyzes Israeli Ports

Posted on May 3, 2023

One day after 15 Israeli websites were subjected to cyber attacks, the hacker group “Anonymous Sudan”, a group of hackers, attacked another group of Israeli websites, including those of the Israel Ports Company, Ashdod Port and Haifa, and causing them to be disrupted for several hours.

The group said that these attacks come at a time when Israel is commemorating its so-called Independence Day, which was achieved after the displacement of the Palestinian people.

Israeli sources confirmed the occurrence of this cyber attack, acknowledging that it caused the blocking of online services, due to the collapse of the servers of these sites. But she added that the attackers could not extract any information from it.

On Tuesday, the “Anonymous Sudan” group attacked 15 important Israeli websites through a cyber attack, including the website of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, in addition to banks, telecommunications companies, government agencies, and the websites of Mossad and the National Insurance Institute.

The attack also included the websites of the telecommunications and internet services companies Cellcom and Partner, Tel Aviv University, the Jerusalem Post newspaper, the website of the water company Mekorot, the public transportation company Egged, and Discount Bank.


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