20 sec video shows spud carriage operation for cutter dredge

Posted on September 28, 2021

From Ster of Brazil
Based on an IHC Beaver 1500

Productivity and quality in dredging

Suction and recal dredgers are usually equipment without self-propelled equipment. When dredging a workbench is completed, the dredger should proceed to the next cutting bench.

Unlike the usual advance system, through the movement of “wooden horse”, which produces an irregular advance, with low control, the implement “spud carriage” or “advance cart”, as often eh called in Portuguese, allows the linear advancement of the dredger, allowing greater productivity and optimal quality of the cutting geometry.

The advance operation with the use of spud carriage is presented in the video below.

Such an implement is ideal for the execution of underwater ditches.

Ster Engenharia owns two IHC Beaver 1,500 dredgers with spud carriage.

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