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X-Press Feeders signs new green shipping MoU with six European ports

Posted on April 11, 2024

This agreement represents a shared pledge to speed up the implementation of more environmentally friendly practices in the marine sector in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region. X-Press Feeders and the participating ports will collaborate and leverage their resources and expertise to develop and execute sustainable approaches for maritime operations.

Under the MOU, parties will work together to further develop infrastructure for the provision and bunkering of alternative fuels such as green methanol. Furthermore, the group aims to encourage the development of supply chains for fuel that are zero or near to zero in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

The group will provide further training programs for port workers and seafarers about the handling of alternative fuels and leverage digital platforms to enhance port call optimisation.

The collaboration between the parties will begin with the establishment of two shipping routes, namely:

  • Green Baltic X-PRESS (GBX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Klaipeda > Riga > Rotterdam
  • Green Finland X-PRESS (GFX): Rotterdam > Antwerp Bruges > Helsinki > Tallinn > HaminaKotka > Rotterdam

Starting in the third quarter of 2024, new shipping services will be introduced in Europe that will be powered by green methanol, an alternative fuel. These services will operate as feeder routes and will be the first of their kind in Europe. This is a significant development because green methanol produces at least 60 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional marine fuel, making these services a more environmentally sustainable option for shipping in Europe.

X-Press Feeders’ Chief Operating Officer, Francis Goh, says, “By working together – X-Press Feeders and the six partner ports – aim to efficiently implement green shipping corridors and lead the maritime industry in sustainability. We chose the Nordic and Baltic states as the first markets to deploy our green methanol-powered vessels because we found the ports and our customers in these markets to be very receptive.”

“This MOU represents a significant milestone in our commitment to a sustainable future for the maritime industry. By collaborating with these leading European ports, we can collectively drive the adoption of green technologies that accelerate the decarbonization of our industry,” he adds.


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