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World’s Largest Electric Crane Under Construction In Netherlands

Posted on May 1, 2023

The first components for a brand-new, 6,000-tonne electric ring crane are due to arrive at Mammoet’s technical facility in the Netherlands.

The crane’s production and construction will continue in the upcoming months as it gets ready for its first project, which is expected to start in 2024.

Due to its ability to run entirely on electricity, the crane is anticipated to have a capacity greater than any other land-based crane now in operation.

The 6,000-ton ring crane “sets a new standard” for heavy lifting abilities globally, according to Mammoet, and permits clients to produce larger and heavier components.

Additional information about the crane includes its “unmatched outreach, hook height, and lifting capacity.”

The SK6000 crane, which replaced the SK350, is built utilizing the same basic principles.

The SK6000 is containerized, exactly like earlier models, claims Mammoet. As a result, quick mobilization, on-site assembly, and, if required, ultra-heavy lift capabilities are all possible.

Even though it can support onshore wind farms as well, it was built with next-generation offshore wind farms in mind.

By generating sizeable topside modules, the SK6000, according to Mammoet, enables offshore and floating infrastructure projects in the conventional energy sector to shorten integration times.

According to Mammoet, refineries on land can save downtime by safely removing and replacing larger components.


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