WEDA Announces 2020 & 2021 DREDGING SUMMIT AWARD Winners

Jason Raimondi

Posted on June 23, 2021

DredgeWire Exclusive

WEDA’s president Alan Alcorn spoke to DredgeWire with enthusiasm about its recent Summit Meeting:

“The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) resumed our Summit meeting June 14-17 in a virtual format after taking a year hiatus due to the pandemic.

This highly successful forum included 21 technical papers and 3 panels. In addition, the TAMU contributions continued with several highly technical subjects. One of the primary WEDA functions is to provide educational opportunities, and this Summit did not disappoint. The best paper awards honored the significant contributions to industry knowledge and are to be congratulated for the efforts and recognition.

On another educational front, we are set to offer the WEDApedia resource in late July/early August 2021. This will consist of an A-Z reference of definitions for dredge terms.

Safety is a high priority both for WEDA and our members. In addition to having a panel on sharing safety measures, WEDA presented its annual Safety awards for both 2020 and 2021 to the organizations listed below. This tradition is about more than just bragging rights. It enhances a tradition of celebrating the efforts to bring all our dredge families home to their loved ones every day.

A new award was presented this year to the “Young WEDA Professional.” This year 10 highly qualified applicants vied for the most involved in the industry and the WEDA organization. This year our winner was not only working for a dredge firm, but he participates on WEDA committees as well as being a highly motivated individual. We commend this year’s participants and look forward to the future with these applicants.

Another program we recently implemented is the mentor/mentee effort to pair interested professionals in different aspects of the dredge industry. More information on successes and lessons learned will be forthcoming as this  program unfolds.

I thank our Executive Director Tom Cappellino for his leadership and organization of the event. Thanks to his work over 250 individuals registered and attended with high praises.”

DredgeWire is pleased to be the digital media partner to WEDA!

A list of WEDA award winners follows:


  • 2020 Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Project was presented to Manson Construction Company
  • 2020 Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Contractor was presented to J.E. McAmis
  • 2021 Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Project was presented to Ballard Marine Construction
  • 2021 Safety Excellence Award for a Dredging Contractor was presented to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, LLC
  • 2021 Env. Excellence Award for Navigational Dredging was presented to the project team for the West Bay Dredging and Restoration Project, Louisiana, comprised of US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District; US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center; Weeks Marine, Inc.; Bean Dredging, LLC; Mike Hooks, LLC; Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, LLC; and Manson Construction Company.
  • 2021 Env. Excellence Award for Environmental Dredging was presented to the project team for the BASF Hudson River Remediation and Restoration Project, Rensselaer, New York, comprised of AECOM, BASF Corporation, Land Remediation, Inc. and the ELM Group.
    Safety Excellence Award winner for Dredging Project
  • 2021 DSC Dredge “Why Dredging is Good” Award – Vibracore Sediment Acquisition Monitoring (V-SAM) for Remediation Dredging Design at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site
    Paul Fuglevand 1, Dave Browning 2, Connor Lamb 1, Bill Jaworski 2 (1. Dalton, Olmsted & Fuglevand, Inc., 2. Marine Sampling Systems, LLC) paper
  • 2021 Moffatt & Nichol / WEDA Best Paper Award – Revisiting historic dredged material habitat improvement sites informs the future of beneficial use initiatives
    Jacob Berkowitz 1, Kevin Philley 1, Nathan Beane 1 (1. US Army Engineer Research and Development Center) paper
  • 2021 Anchor QEA, LLC Young Author Award – River Remediation Case Study: Contact Water Separation and Treatment to Capture PCBs
    Scott Ponstein 1, Connor McNeely 1, Amber Wilson 1 (1. Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc.) paper
  • 2021 WEDA Young Professional Award was presented to Jason Raimondi from Wood.
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