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Wasa prepared to start dredging of Leh Nullah

A survey was carried out before dredging began to identify obstructions to the flow of water in Leh Nullah

Posted on March 8, 2023

The Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) will start the cleanliness of Leh Nullah to the tune of Rs30 million from next month to avoid a flood-like situation in the garrison city during monsoon season.

The caretaker Punjab government released the amount to Wasa and issued directions to start work as soon as possible and to complete it by June 30. The government wanted to complete the work without any further delay.

Wasa spokesman Umer Farooq told Dawn on Friday that the agency would spend Rs30 million to clear obstacles in the nullah.

He said that there were reports that the coming monsoon will be aggressive and there was a dire need to remove mud and any other obstacle in the smooth flow of rain water coming from the capital city and adjoining nullahs.

He said that the drive started in April and it would be completed by end of June. He said that dredging would improve the water flow up to 2 feet. He said that the target would be achieved within the stipulated timeline.

The last flood that the Leh witnessed was on July 23, 2001; just a few hours of 620mm of rain resulted in the worst floods in the city’s history. As many as 35 people lost their lives while many slums were swept away resulting in financial loss worth millions.

If heavy rains occurred in the twin cities then the nulah’s water level could rise to a dangerous level.

The nullah has a length of about 30 kilometres, stretching from Islamabad to Rawalpindi.


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