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Van Oord – Hakkers – De Klerk consortium awarded contract for first phase of Yangtze Canal project

Posted on June 26, 2023

After the summer, the Van Oord – Hakkers – De Klerk consortium will commence construction of a tug quay in the Port of Rotterdam’s Yangtze Canal. The consortium and the Port of Rotterdam Authority signed the relevant contracts today. The work will involve constructing 500 metres of quay wall with space for 12 tugs to berth. The project is scheduled to be completed in spring 2025.

Van Oord, Hakkers and De Klerk will construct the new tug quay at the entrance to the canal on the south side, close to the largest container terminals. In addition to the 500 metres of quay wall, which will take the form of a composite wall, the consortium is also responsible for removing the existing bed and bank protection, installing new bed protection and dredging approximately 800,000 square metres of sand and clay to widen the canal and clear space for the new quay.

Yangtze Canal

Marine transport is the backbone of international trade and the global economy. To accommodate the growing volume of traffic, ports and waterways must be expanded and maintained. The Yangtze Canal is the access channel to various Port of Rotterdam container terminals, including those in Prinses Amaliahaven, Prinses Arianehaven and Prinses Alexiahaven. The Yangtze Canal welcomes the largest container ships travelling to and from terminals in the Maasvlakte II section of the port. Construction of tug quay is part of a programme to widen the Yangtze Canal so that it can accommodate more traffic and the latest generation of container ships.

Sustainability goals

The decision to award the contract to this particular consortium is in line with the Port Authority’s commitment to sustainable port development. The Port Authority based its decision on both price and quality, also known as the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT). Working with MEAT principles helps to leverage the innovativeness and creativity of the market. The Van Oord – Hakkers – De Klerk consortium received very high marks for measures designed to prevent nuisance and damage. It will also make a substantial effort to improve sustainability on the construction site itself. This includes deploying a trailing suction hopper dredger equipped to operate on the more sustainable fuel LNG, and using equipment powered by electricity to reduce emissions significantly during construction.

‘Ever since Van Oord undertook land reclamation for the Maasvlakte 2 port expansion programme, it’s been involved in projects there on a continuous basis. For example, we’re currently also constructing quays in Amaliahaven. So we’re very much looking forward to working for the Port of Rotterdam Authority and in partnership with Hakkers and De Klerk on the Yangtze Canal, a familiar waterway for us. Not only do the three consortium partners complement one another in terms of disciplines, but we’re all equally passionate when it comes to sustainability.’

— Mark van der Hoeven, Area Manager at Van Oord

‘We’re proud to be participating in a project of this magnitude. The port of Rotterdam is like home to us and we are currently working at various locations across the port zone. It’s great that we can make a positive contribution to the Port Authority’s sustainability targets with our environmentally responsible construction methods. We’re looking forward to a successful partnership with our consortium partners Van Oord and De Klerk.’

— Hein van Laar, Hakkers, Chief Commercial Officer

‘A great project that we as De Klerk are looking forward to, together with Van Oord and Hakkers, complementing each other from our areas of expertise. The Port of Rotterdam Authority is a client with whom we have had an enduring relationship for years and from that experience there is a lot of confidence for the realisation. Of course it is extra nice that the ambitions regarding sustainability of all parties involved are reflected within this project.’

— Henry Schaap, Operational Director at De Klerk

About Royal Van Oord   Royal Van Oord is a Dutch family-owned company with more than 150 years of experience as an international marine contractor. The focus is on dredging, infrastructure and offshore energy. Its head office is in Rotterdam. Van Oord employs 5,243 staff (fte), who worked in 2022 on 191 projects in 42 countries. The fleet consists of about 60 vessels and a large amount of special-purpose and auxiliary equipment. Marine ingenuity is characteristic of Van Oord. By using innovative, smart and sustainable solutions, it aims to contribute to a better world for future generations. For more information, contact Marjolein Boer, Director of Communications, at +31 6 213 44 973 or

About Hakkers  Hakkers is very much at home on the boundary between land and water. Our family business, with roots going back 150 years, is known for its dedicated employees who take pride in our work and its impact on society. Our expertise enables us to deliver outstanding projects in the fields of hydraulic engineering, foundation engineering and steel construction. We apply our knowledge and experience towards developing sustainable solutions that meet the requirements of contracting parties and governments. If you would like to know more about Hakkers, contact

About De Klerk   De Klerk operates in the field of Hydraulic & Steel Construction. We are working hard for the future. On responding innovatively to changing market demands. Transparency and sustainability are important keywords. De Klerk sets high quality standards for itself. De Klerk’s strength lies in its drive to continuously seek structural improvements and greater efficiency in projects. All this is achieved with skilled, motivated and flexible personnel. Building multidisciplinary projects is what De Klerk does. The company has a large amount of floating equipment for working from the water. In addition, the most diverse steel constructions are realized in our modern equipped workshops.


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