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USACE’s Michael Bartles Honored with 2024 HH&C CoP Professional of the Year Award

Posted on July 11, 2024

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) proudly announces that Michael Bartles has been awarded the 2024 Hydrology, Hydraulics, and Coastal Community of Practice (HH&C CoP) Professional of the Year Award.

Bartles, a senior hydraulic engineer at the Institute for Water Resources (IWR), has significantly contributed to advancements in 2-dimensional hydrologic modeling and statistical modeling of mixed populations in flow frequency. His efforts have revolutionized the nation’s technical analysis methods for flow frequency and flood risk, particularly through high-profile partnerships with FEMA and the USGS.

“It’s great to see Mike’s leadership, dedication to the mission, and selfless service recognized with the HH&C CoP Professional of the Year Award,” said Lea Adams, director of HEC. “This honor is very much deserved. And while this award is for Mike’s technical accomplishments, Mike is also a tremendous teammate who is well-respected and well-liked at HEC. I’m thankful that he’s chosen to make HEC his professional home.”

Bartles has played a critical role in FEMA’s Future of Flood Risk Data pilot studies, guiding modeling teams, developing software features, and addressing challenges. His contributions have enhanced the skill level of hydrologic modeling across the Corps.

“I am honored to receive the 2024 HH&C CoP Professional of the Year Award,” Bartles said. “This was a huge (but pleasant) surprise. Working for USACE (and HEC in particular) is my dream job primarily because of my amazing colleagues. This is an amazing community of practice, and I’m lucky to be a part of it.”

Bartles’ leadership and collaborative spirit have modernized hydrologic modeling and statistics, impacting projects like the Mississippi River Geomorphology and Potamology program and the Headquarters’ General Investigation program. His efforts have produced valuable software and training materials, enabling district modelers to build better models more efficiently.

Bartles also mentors USACE staff, supports technical studies, and shares his expertise through courses and webinars. His commitment to excellence has positively impacted the organization at all levels.
“Mike’s positive attitude, high energy, and ability to manage various initiatives make him an outstanding team member. He leads from the front, taking on the toughest challenges and developing the people around him to improve and grow,” Adams added.

Bartles’ exceptional performance and selfless service embody the qualities the HH&C CoP Professional of the Year Award was established to recognize. His contributions enhance the USACE mission and its impact.


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