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US Army Corps of Engineers warns about possible storm debris at Beaver Lake

Posted on June 3, 2024

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is cautioning those planning to hit the lake about possible storm debris on Beaver Lake following Sunday morning’s storms, according to a news release.

Officials are urging boaters to take extra safety measures as some areas may have floating debris such as trees and docks that would not be there under normal circumstances.

USACE said most hazards are near the water’s surface and not easily visible.

“Boaters should slow down, wear life jackets, use depth finders or other navigation resources and give the shoreline a wide berth,” USACE said in the release.

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USACE is also asking for help in notifying residents around the lake about two programs offered to help in recovery efforts, tree removal and dock repair.

If a hazardous tree is blocking a walking path or dock access, a request can be submitted online. A ranger will contact you to work the request and it may take 24 hours to be processed.

USACE said to be prepared to provide a photo of the hazard. Photos will replace onsite inspections for hazardous trees through June 14.

For dock replacement, USACE has launched a Beaver Lake Storm Damage Shoreline FAQ page with details on what to do.


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