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Uruguay River Dredging (Between Km 0 and Km 207.8, Including Access Channel to the Port of Concepción)

Posted on September 25, 2023

The project consists of maintenance dredging and beaconing between km 0 and km 187.1 of the Uruguay River at 23 feet of navigation (25 feet deep), including the access channel to the Port of Concepción del Uruguay and the channels between km 187.1 and km 207.8, Port of Paysandú at 17 feet of navigation (19 feet deep) The project originates with the joint will of the Argentine Republic and the Eastern Republic of Uruguay with the objective of strengthening the mode of transportation along the Uruguay River, improving navigability and promoting optimal and rational use of it in pursuit of harmonious development. , sustainable and sustained of the region. The dredging maintenance contract will be for a period of three years.


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