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Update Holding Statement – Helping with ongoing investigations, support and care for captain and crew

Posted on June 25, 2024

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Van Oord, operators of the dredger Vox Maxima, report that the investigations into the cause of the incident are still ongoing. The captain and crew of the Vox Maxima continue to assist the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) in their investigations, as well as with all other investigations necessary.

We continue to work closely with the MPA and are offering our full support to the MPA. We are grateful for the efforts of all the responders and volunteers who are helping with the cleanup operation.

Senior members of our response team have visited the captain and crew onboard the Vox Maxima to provide assurance and ongoing support as the vessel remains anchored in Singapore. Their continued well-being is a priority for Van Oord as is the ongoing cleanup operation.

In respect for the investigations, we cannot comment further whilst these investigations are still ongoing.

Update Holding Statement 17 June 2024

Holding Statement 15 June 2024


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