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Trailer magically appears on remote Ohio River sandbar

Posted on July 25, 2022

Nobody knows how this travel trailer ended up on a sandbar Thursday in the middle of the Ohio River in Evansville, Indiana, although there was a lot of theories offered on a Facebook page where it was posted.

The sandbar had only been there a few days, the byproduct of annual river dredging conducted by the Louisville District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The RV was not there when a crew finished on the river Wednesday evening around 5 p.m. But when they returned Thursday, there it was. The Coast Guard is investigating. But for now, there are only theories. Here are comments that appeared on Facebook.

• What if I told you this has always been there and if the water keeps receding that some kind of redneck trailer park Atlantis would be discovered.

• Are you tired of your neighbors? Now you can have your own island. Act now, this won’t be on the market very long!

• Definitely a body in there.

• I am now looking for a vendor to transport my motorhome out there before all the camping spaces get taken!

• Hope they aren’t in it when that sand bar goes away. They’ll be singing “I feel the earth move under my wheels.”

• When the housing prices have gotten too high….

• Evansville has to have the world’s smartest rednecks, sand bar has been there only a few days and already they have conquered the mighty Ohio.

• Secluded beach in the middle of the Ohio River. I’ve got it booked for a week long vacation in August.

• The GPS said go this way.

• I knew I should’ve tied her off last night.

• Looks like it’s in a flood zone, probably gonna be hard to insure.

• Does that site have a full hookup?

• So to the owner, what’s your weekend rental rate? Asking for a friend…


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