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Town gives estimate for its share of beach renourishment from $21.7 mm contract award to Ahtnah Marine and Construction Co

The Town of Fort Myers Beach has estimated that its share of the $21.7 million bid for the beach renourishment project will cost the town approximately $1.9 million. The work is expected to start in June.

Posted on June 3, 2024

The $21.7 million bid accepted by the Town of Fort Myers Beach Council for its beach renourishment project, could wind up leaving the town responsible for about $1.9 million of the cost, according to an estimate put out by the town.

Lee County will be providing up to $9.2 million of the work through Lee County Tourist Development Tax funds.

The Florida Department of Emergency Management is providing $8 million for the sand dredging part of the project.

According to figures provided by the town in a cost estimate, $14 million of the design, construction and monitoring of the project is covered by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. That figure includes other costs not associated with the $21.7 million bid the town awarded this past week to Ahtnah Marine and Construction Company.

The project will cover 6.5 miles of what the town considers to be critically eroded beach, adding 949,000 cubic yards of sand mostly on the northern and mid-island part of the town.

The funding also includes a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Emergency

Management Agency grant of $1.45 million to install 56,845 cubic yards of sand and plant mature dune vegetation on the north end of the project.

The town is also seeking Florida Department of Emergency grant funds which could potentially lower the total town share to $756,567.77. If not, the town’s estimated cost for the project is $1,908,963.49.


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