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Topsail Beach prepares for beach renourishment to begin in November

Topsail Beach prepares for beach renourishment to begin in November

Posted on October 2, 2023

Many people in Topsail Beach are watching the beach slowly erode into the sea, which is why the town is set to begin a beach renourishment project.

The dredging is set to begin in November. The project will help protect the environment and homes on the beach, however, the renourishment project will not only be helping the shoreline, it will also be an asset to other waterways in the area.

“We’ve got a pretty big problem here and that is the inlet is filling up with sand. And it’s getting so bad that it’s really threatening those of us who live here that really like to be in a boat and go out and go fishing and things like that because it’s so filled up with sand,” said Buck Taylor a resident of Topsail Beach.

Taylor lives at Topsail Beach and has been through dozens of beach renourishment projects. He’s calling this project a win-win. To replenish the beach, sand will be taken from the inlet as well as the ocean.

Taylor was part of the first beach renourishment that happened over 10 years ago. He said that he is proud to see what the renourishment has done for the area.

Officials said the added sand is expected to add 40% more room to the beaches. The two dredges will start at Drum and Hines Avenue, and then move north.

“We are moving a million truckloads of sand in a period of about 80 days, and we are deepening the water for the commercial and recreational boats, from about four feet down to 16 to 18 feet going through the inlet,” said Chris Gibson, the lead engineer for the beach renourishment.

He said the dredges will run for 16-18 hours per day. He said keeping the dredges running would be the most cost-efficient.

“It’s Topsail Beach, and that’s a great place. And to see where we are now, and to see where we’re going to be in a couple of months is really an incredible thing for a small town to do a project like this,” said Gibson

He also said the project will cost about $20 million from start to finish. Gibson said that one of the dredges being used is one of the largest in the United States.


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