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Titan completes first STS LNG bunkering in Hamburg

Posted on August 30, 2023

Dutch liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier Titan has recently accomplished the first two Ship-to-Ship (STS) LNG bunker operations in the Port of Hamburg.

According to the company, this achievement not only underscores Titan’s proficiency and dedication but also marks a noteworthy advancement for the entire maritime industry in embracing cleaner fuel alternatives.

The initial STS LNG bunkering operation took place on 31 July, as Titan facilitated the first-ever transfer of LNG fuel between vessels in the Port of Hamburg.

The Vox Ariane, a vessel owned by Van Oord, was the recipient of this pioneering bunkering activity.

The LNG supplier said that this operation served as a stepping stone for the subsequent accomplishments, showcasing Titan’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the maritime sector.

Building on this achievement, on 14 August, Titan conducted a second successful STS LNG bunkering operation in Hamburg. Once again, the recipient was the Vox Ariane, and this operation saw the Titan-owned vessel, Optimus, transfer a total of 808 cubic metres (CBM) of LNG fuel.

The success of these LNG bunkering operations was reportedly the result of meticulous planning and close collaboration among multiple stakeholders. The proficient coordination between the crews of both the bunkering vessel and the receiving vessel played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operations, according to Titan.

In July, Freesia Leader, the fifth LNG-fuelled pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) operated by NYK, arrived at the Port of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture.

More recently, in August, Axpo, a Swedish renewable energy provider, signed a 10-year deal to charter a liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessel, with the ship expected to begin operations in 2025.


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