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The former Castle Ship TM brand has changed to Atlantic Oceanic (UK) Ltd, forming a new global brand; launches first Jones Act wind vessel

Posted on August 14, 2023

Through affiliation with a new US vessel operator, Atlantic Oceanic LLC, based in the US North East (NE) and specialising in US offshore wind and Jones Act vessels, the former Castle Ship TM brand has now changed to Atlantic Oceanic (UK) Ltd, forming a new global brand. The Atlantic Oceanic Group fleet currently sits at five vessels, and another 2 x 180ft vessels will join the US fleet this Autumn. A third 80M vessel is scheduled to join the UK/EU fleet in January, expanding the international fleet to a total of 8 DP vessels.

The US business launched its first fleet vessel, the Atlantic Oceanic. into the NE US market. The ship was promptly snapped up into offshore bubble curtain operations. This DP2 vessel has been successfully operating all season so far and we are proud to have the only US DP2 vessel operator in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut in our affiliated group.

The US operations expect to broaden horizons next year as an I-GRAB system and a 200 ton A frame will be installed onto the Atlantic Power for wind farm seabed clearance operations in 2024 and in addition, the Atlantic Wind and Atlantic Breeze will be converted to DP2 for offshore wind support operations.

The UK operations have also seen an exceptional year with over 250 days of walk to work operations on the Atlantic Tonjer in the last 12 months and a subsea power cable lay with Atlantic Discovery. Both Ampelmann and Z Bridge systems have both been in use, in addition to ROV and I-GRAB boulder clearance operations.

It's on us. Share your news here.
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