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The final supply chain link: Maersk launches new warehouse in Fredericia, Denmark

A short journey from the Port of Fredericia, the newest Maersk warehouse becomes the next piece of the puzzle for integrated, seamless supply chains for businesses in and around Denmark.

Posted on July 10, 2024

A new addition to Southern Denmark

The Fredericia warehouse sits in a prime location for customer and supply chain convenience.

The Port of Fredericia is the largest container port in Southern Denmark, and among the biggest in Denmark for import and export. And it’s still undergoing major development to accommodate future growing volumes of cargo and new environmental considerations.

The site is firmly nested within the Triangle Area of Denmark, allowing for cross-country connectivity within just 3 to 4 hours.

Fredericia is located inside the European transport corridor, with easy access to major motorways, a cross-Europe railway network, and the nearby Billund Airport – bridging Asia and Europe with connecting flights to Hangzhou, China.

The site is 100 kilometres from the German-Danish border, making onward connection into Germany simple, and 90 kilometres from Aarhus, the largest container port in Denmark.

In addition to its substantial onward transport network, the new warehouse offers a number of value-added services – bringing more operations under one roof for greater efficiency and speed to market.

The site has picking, packing and sorting capabilities, and can also be used as a local fulfilment centre to ensure orders reach end consumers in a timely fashion. It’s a bonded facility, allowing customers to defer duty to help ease cashflow issues and avoid paying double duties unnecessarily – all led by Maersk Customs Services with support on-site.

Maersk warehouse

The site has been built with our customers’ ambitious decarbonisation goals and Maersk’s own ‘net zero by 2040’ target in mind.

It’s going to be one of the most modern and low-emission warehouse facilities in that area.

Peder Jensen headshotPeder Jensen
Area Head of Contract Logistics, Nordics, Maersk

The missing link: bringing the integrator strategy to life

The addition of the Fredericia warehouse means that Maersk can provide a truly end-to-end supply chain solution for businesses in and around Denmark, bringing the full integrator strategy to life.

From its origin to destination, cargo can be handled by a single logistics partner. Maersk’s owned vessels can carry customers’ ocean freight, and we can support exporting and importing to and from Denmark via air, land and sea. Additionally, our customs clearance services ensure goods cross borders without delay.

Maersk container loading at a depot

We’ll manage the transport of cargo from terminal to warehouse, and deconsolidate your goods for you, storing them in the Fredericia site, ready for onward travel across Denmark or elsewhere in Europe. We’ll even manage the inland transportation across rail or road to your distribution centres, stores or facilities in other countries. Our team of on-ground experts can also tackle your last-mile deliveries.

When an entire supply chain is handled by one provider, you ensure a smooth handover between all supply chain links – strengthening and improving resilience. Consistency and collaboration help to eliminate vulnerabilities, delays and inefficiencies. And customers enjoy increased visibility through centralising supply chain data, pinpointing the location of cargo at each step of the journey and helping with inventory management. An agile, adaptable supply chain also means you’ll be able to respond quickly to changes in demand, offering a competitive edge.

The strategic location of the Fredericia site enables it to be a part of a seamlessly integrated supply chain. This helps lower costs, shortening lead times and phasing out unnecessary transport legs. And the easy access to multi-modal transport networks makes for improved accessibility to the entire Scandinavian region.

Maersk provides ocean freight, customs clearance, trucking and airfreight. The warehouse was the missing link for the door-to-door integrator strategy. It is a major part of the whole supply chain.

Peder Jensen headshotPeder Jensen
Area Head of Contract Logistics, Nordics, Maersk

Helping to decarbonise the supply chain

Many businesses are looking for partners to help reduce their environmental impact. Maersk has the global ambition to reach net zero GHG emissions by 2040, and had its target validated by the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi). The Fredericia warehouse has been built according to these decarbonisation ambitions.

This facility features solar panels that return any excess renewable energy to the grid. Shunting operations will be carried out by EV trucks, and the site features 41 EV charging outlets – available not just for delivery vehicles but for Maersk employee use too.

Overview shot of Maersk warehouse with Solar panels on rooftop.

Given the proximity to ports, railways, highways and airports, transit times to and from the site, and the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, will also be kept to a minimum.

Whereas other people are thinking about decarbonisation, Maersk is actually doing it and showcasing that it’s possible – that’s the differentiator.

Ulrik Vigsoee Stockmann HeadshotUlrik Vigsoee Stockmann
Site Manager at Maersk

Ready for future growth

The addition of the Fredericia warehouse improves speed to market, supply chain predictability and decarbonisation – and provides an easy way for clients to reach European markets more efficiently, bringing truly integrated logistics to life.


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