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The Dredging Contractors of America welcomes Curtin Maritime Corporation aboard as a member of the Association!

Posted on September 18, 2023

Curtin Maritime was founded in 1997 by Captain Martin Curtin, who was – and remains – a tugboat operator by trade. With his innate tenacity and a passion for the work itself, he set out to design and build a distinguished fleet operated by skilled crews and supported by a high-performing team onshore. Over time, those aspirations became reality. In the last twenty years, systematic innovation and an emphasis on versatile design has provided for continuous growth, with more expansion always on the horizon.

Curtin’s dredging fleet is responsible for the removal of millions of yards of material each year, and counting. With both mechanical and hydraulic dredging capabilities, and the tug support to dump at both offshore and shallow draft sites, we have provided solutions for every size and scope of dredging projects. Marinas and small harbors, shipping channels, major ports, upland placement and habitat restoration to name a few. Curtin approaches each dredging project with the same safety conscious work plan and commitment to excellence that has made Curtin Maritime an industry leader.

Recent dredging contracts Curtin Maritime has secured include the San Juan Harbor construction and maintenance dredging project for the Army Corps of Engineers. This work consists of construction and maintenance dredging in designated areas of the Federal navigation channel and Puerto Rico Ports Authority (PRPA) berthing areas. The project also involves constructing 50 feet of new channel on both sides of Army Terminal Channel to increase the total channel width by 100 feet from 350 feet to 450 feet. In addition, Curing has been awarded a contract for a segment of work as part of the Houston Ship Channel (HSC) Expansion Channel Improvement Project (ECIP) Project 11. That work encompasses dredging of approximately 4.175 million cy of the HSC with deposit of materials into the Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site (ODMDS). New work (NW) dredging will widen the existing 530-foot-wide channel equally on each side to a new 700-foot-wide channel. NW dredging of the HSC will consist of the removal of approximately 1.539 million cy of dredge material that will be used to complete construction of oyster reef mitigation pads at Dollar Reef Oyster Reef Mitigation Site (DRM) and San Leon Oyster Reef Mitigation Site (SLM).

The DCA is the respected voice of the dredging industry, with a vision to create a robust and unified organization whose stated mission is to develop solutions that preserve the Jones Act, promote the private fleet, and create a strong national dredging program. The DCA is a living platform that can expand its depth and reach when matters surface that could detrimentally impact the dredging industry.


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