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The Collapse of Global Maritime Shipping??? The role of “Ghost Fleets”

Posted on February 2, 2024

By Peter Zeihan on February 1, 2024

No matter how much bubble wrap and caution tape we slap onto global maritime shipping, the industry has found itself in quite a predicament.

Despite the Ukraine War, a drought impacting the Panama Canal, Houthi attacks in Yemen, widespread piracy, and mounting geopolitical tensions in the South China Sea (yes, that is a lot of disruptions), the maritime shipping system has not cracked yet. However, it is very, very, very fragile.

The main thing propping up shipping in these more problematic regions is the emergence of ‘ghost fleets’ with alternative insurance policies. This insurance system is untested and unreliable, and as soon as one of the dominos falls, the entirety of the shipping system will follow.

The looming threat of a shipping collapse should terrify you. In case you need a supply chain refresher, manufacturing and global shipping is more interconnected than ever…so if the global shipping system fails, we’re in for a world of hurt.

The Collapse of Global Maritime Shipping || Peter Zeihan

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