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Tecon Santos investing $520 million in container terminal expansion

Posted on October 31, 2023

Investment plans have been underway since 2019, and the first phase, completed in 2021, included the expansion of the terminal’s quay to 1,510 metres, making it the largest contiguous quay in Latin America by allowing the simultaneous berthing of three 366-metre-neopanamax vessels and one Ro-Ro vessel.

The second phase, currently in progress, involves investment in yard works and acquisition of electrical equipment which includes eight E-RTGs, two gantry cranes, 30 tractor-trailer sets and 30 semi-trailers. The cranes are expected to arrive at the terminal by the end of November.

Tecon Santos is being equipped with advanced technology, including the Opus-TOS terminal operation system from CyberLogitec, in operation since September. This system enabled a significant improvement in the company’s operational efficiency by unifying container operations, improving the level of service, planning and productivity.

Roberto Teller, Director of Port Operations at Santos Brasil, says that the company’s growth strategy revolves around three key domains: containers and general cargo, integrated logistics, and liquid bulk. The commitment is to invest substantially in expanding and modernising this facility, enhancing its capacity to meet the demands of the port in the years ahead.

Alongside Tecon Santos, Santos Brasil manages the Vehicle Terminal (TEV) on the Left Bank of the Port of Santos, the Saboó Logistics Terminal for general cargo on the Right Bank, and two Customs Industrial Logistic Centres, namely Clia Santos and Clia Guarujá

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