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Submit applications by March 29 for the 2024 WEDA Environmental Excellence Awards

Posted on February 5, 2024

Awards will be presented during the 2024 WEDA Dredging Summit and Expo in Tampa, FL.

IMPORTANT: 2024 Changes 

Applications should be submitted online.  Click here to submit an application. 

The WEDA Environmental Excellence Award is presented to one project in each of two categories:

  1. Infrastructure-based Project Utilizing Dredging
  2. Environmental-based Project Utilizing Dredging 

Objective: The WEDA Environmental Excellence Awards recognize projects for their outstanding contributions to the goals of WEDA, which include: To promote communication and understanding of environmental issues and stimulate new solutions associated with dredging and placement of dredged materials such that the projects, including navigation, environmental, and adaptation to climate change, are accomplished in an efficient manner that meet internationally recognized environmental goals.

Application Process:

  • Identify the award category (Infrastructure-based for those projects that a primarily driven by the use of dredging to build, repair, or enhance water-focused structures, or Environmental-based for those projects whose dredging needs are primarily driven by remediation, restoration, or habitat enhancement in and around the aquatic environment).
  • Include a project overview document, in English, in accordance with the attached requirements.

Ranking Process:

The Environmental Awards Committee will review each application and discuss the overall project with emphasis on innovation, outreach/education, environmental benefits, economic benefits, sustainability, and transferability.


  • Application must be submitted by a WEDA member.
  • A representative of each award application is expected to attend the WEDA Dredging Summit and Expo, with presentation of a technical paper about the project or program strongly encouraged.
  • Submission of an application grants permission to WEDA for posting on the WEDA website, after the Dredging Summit and Expo.
  • The project must have been completed no more than 3 years from the date of the award application.
  • The winner awards will include a plaque, a special highlight during the WEDA Dredging Summit and Expo and on the WEDA website, and the opportunity to present the project/program via a WEDA-hosted webinar. WEDA will also issue a press release highlighting the project.
  • All applicants will have a short presentation summary of their project displayed on a monitor in the Exhibition Hall during the Dredging Summit.


Note: All applications must be submitted on-line through the link above 

  1. Applicant (WEDA Member applicant’s name, employer, location, email address)
  2. Project Title
  3. Project Type Category (Infrastructure-based or Environmental-based)
  4. Project Description (500 words maximum)- describe your project and the environmental benefits that resulted from it. Benefits should include direct, quantitative measures of environmental, economic, and sustainability achievements. Qualitative measures are also acceptable when directly quantifiable data are not available.
  5. Transferability and Communication (500 words maximum)- describe the ways your project engaged stakeholders, worked with regulatory agencies, and developed approaches that will benefit the entire dredging community.
  6. Why Your Project? (1,000 words maximum)- describe the unique ways your project went “above and beyond” normal operations to achieve the environmental, economic, and sustainability achievements described in items 4 and 5. Explain the innovative aspects of the project and the lessons learned. Why does your project deserve recognition?
  7. You may provide up to 4 illustrative graphics or project photographs to support the narrative information of items 4, 5, and 6.
  8. Presentation guidelines- provide a PowerPoint format presentation of up to 3 individual slides that highlight your project. Slides from all applicants will be played on a rotating show on a monitor in the Exhibition Hall at the Dredging Summit.

Questions about the 2024 WEDA Environmental Excellence Awards should be directed to Steve Garbaciak.


Steve Garbaciak
Chair of WEDA’s Environmental Commission | 708-793-2354

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