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Storm system causing erosion concerns in Flagler Beach

Posted on June 25, 2024

The sun was out, and the waves were powerful. Surfers like Robert Clark are enjoying the great surf this storm system is bringing.

“The waves are good because the swells are bigger, but the wind isn’t cooperating,” Clark said. “So in a couple of hours, the wind is going to switch, and it’s going to blow into the face of the wave, making the waves a lot better.”

But things aren’t the same as they used to be in Flagler Beach.

“The beach got really beat up with Hurricane Nicole and Hurricane Ian,” Clark said. “It stripped a lot of the sandbar away, stripped the pier away so the waves don’t behave the way that they should. We don’t have the right sand collection. And so now we’re just kind of waiting for the beach replenishment to get done.”

The coast is vulnerable after back-to-back hurricanes ravaged the county. Flagler Beach Ocean Beach Rescue Director Tom Gillan said storm systems like the one moving through are always concerning, but this year, despite an active season ahead, they know everything will be alright.

“We’ve got the beach nourishment project has begun down on the south end, and they’re gradually working their way up here,” Gillan said. “So we’re thinking that any loss, eventually by the end of the summer, is going to be replaced, and then some, you know, so we’re optimistic about that.”

Clark knows this project will bring big improvements. The question is how long will it last.

“Hopefully, even though we’re going to have a very busy year, hurricane-wise, we’re able to do that replenishment and not have it all be washed away,” Clark said. “But, you know, you can’t beat Mother Nature.”

Gillan believes water conditions will get better going into the weekend, but they won’t be ideal. He expects to fly the red flag for the time being.


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