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Sperry Marine launches new vessel performance digital solution

The Sperry Marine Vessel Performance solution provides a digital decarbonization tool to help vessel owners achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

Posted on September 6, 2022

Sperry Marine has launched its newest digital solution, Sperry Marine Vessel Performance. Developed in collaboration with ABB, the service enables vessel owners to collect and analyze on-board data in real time, supporting efficient fuel usage and regulatory compliance, while optimizing voyage routing.

The new solution relies on several modules of the ABB Ability OCTOPUS marine advisory system, such as motion monitoring and forecasting, performance monitoring, and access to a web-based fleet portal where vessel data can be visualized and analyzed onshore.

The Sperry Marine Vessel Performance solution provides a digital decarbonization tool to help vessel owners achieve maximum fuel efficiency in compliance with upcoming regulations such as the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).

By continuously visualizing the expected vessel motions along the planned route, the system also contributes to vessel and cargo safety, enabling the crew to select a route where maximum allowable motions will not be exceeded, resulting in most efficient and optimized route.

Sperry Marine Vessel Performance is the latest in a series of digital initiatives designed to connect bridge navigation systems with remote maintenance and voyage support services. ABB’s Vessel Performance modules are deployed and managed through the SperrySphere intelligent navigation platform, a one-stop, back-of-bridge digital platform which manages delivery of a wide variety of applications.

Sperry Marine Vessel Performance delivers on the Sperry Marine vision, setting a course towards safer, greener and more efficient navigation with a roadmap of remote support and diagnostics of navigation equipment, maximizing vessel availability and optimizing voyage performance.

The digital platform connects the vessel with its managers using IoT in real time to transform data insights from the vessel into decisions which in turn generate business value, providing evidence in case of cargo insurance claims and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

“Our new solution can enable vessels to navigate more safely, reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions,” said James Collett, managing director, Sperry Marine. “We not only aim to improve the vessel’s performance; the SperrySphere digital platform will be the one single platform to deliver smarter and safer digitally-enabled navigation services to our customers.”

“We believe that integrating data from navigation equipment with vessel performance metrics is key to creating the decarbonization solutions that shipping needs to lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions,” said Tomas Arhippainen, head of sales and business development, service, ABB Marine & Ports.


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