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South Carolina Ports Reports Strong October Performance

Posted on November 15, 2023

South Carolina Ports (SC Ports) announced impressive performance for the month of October, with container volumes showing signs of recovery and even reaching new record highs.

Despite a 9% year-over-year decrease in container volumes, mainly driven by a decline in empty volumes, which fell 27% yoy, loaded import and export twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) only experienced a marginal 1% decline.

The highlight of the month was the achievement of the highest monthly container volume ever recorded at Wando Welch Terminal, with 116,745 pier containers handled, surpassing the previous record set in March 2021.

“The Southeast continues to be a thriving market where people and businesses want to locate,” stated Byron Miller, Chief Commercial Officer of SC Ports. “South Carolina Ports is well-positioned through strategic investments to support this growth. We are a powerful alternative gateway on the U.S. East Coast for shippers wanting a reliable supply chain partner and access to a booming market.”

In addition to the impressive container volumes, SC Ports also reported positive performance in other sectors. The rail-served inland ports, particularly Inland Port Greer, played a significant role in speeding goods to the market. In October, Inland Port Greer handled a record-breaking 17,000 containers, marking a remarkable 42% increase compared to the same month last year. Similarly, Inland Port Dillon experienced a 31% growth, handling 3,148 containers.

South Carolina’s two rail-served inland ports provide quick access to inland markets, ensuring efficient flow of goods to and from the Port of Charleston. This strategic advantage not only enhances supply chain efficiencies but also contributes to reduced emissions by transporting more cargo via rail.

Looking ahead, SC Ports is committed to further expansion and improvement of its infrastructure. Inland Port Greer is currently undergoing an expansion project to double cargo capacity and enhance rail capabilities. Also, the construction of the rail-served Navy Base Intermodal Facility in North Charleston is underway, with plans to open in 2025. This facility will serve as an additional feeder for the inland ports, accommodating both CSX and Norfolk Southern.

“As companies expand their operations and invest in new facilities in South Carolina and throughout the Southeast, SC Ports is investing in critical port infrastructure to support this growth,” added Miller.


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