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SENER to build five hopper dredgers for the Mexican Navy

Posted on January 3, 2023

The Mexican Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR ) entrusted SENER to carry out the basic, conceptual and detailed engineering of five Hopper-type dredging sister ships that will be operated by the Mexican Navy and will be used for maintenance and cleaning of seabeds Mexican coasts and rivers.


  • SENER carried out the engineering of the ship based on the specifications of the shipowners, offering its support in the definition of construction standards for the structure and armament. 
  • Construction standards and criteria were unified to adapt the different client strategies to the design of a single model that can be built in three production centers. 
  • The dredging equipment has electric diesel propulsion together with the use of electric motors, this provides great flexibility, achieving optimal performance in any operation. 
  • This project progressed in parallel in its design and construction stages. 


  • Modification of plans and documents of the Functional and Basic design of the ship with the purpose of improving the refrigeration system of the ship. 
  • Development according to the Classification Society. 
  • Change in the suction from the cooling seawater pumps and the fire service pumps to the main ballast collector, to improve the flow of available seawater in any load condition of the ship. 


It's on us. Share your news here.
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