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Sand thieves abandon equipments as authorities thwart illegal dredging of Padma River in Faridpur

A truck and excavator used for illegally lifting sand seized in a mobile court raid in Faridpur.

Posted on April 22, 2024

A total of 23 trucks and eight sand excavators used for illegally lifting sand were seized in a mobile court raid in Faridpur early Thursday (18 April).

Sand traders had been illegally extracting sand during wee hours for several days near Faridpur city’s river embankment in Dhalar junction. Though the local news media had been reporting the illegal activities, no steps were being taken to stop the illegal dredging.

However, on Thursday, a district administration mobile court led by Executive Magistrate Mujibul Islam conducted a raid after midnight along with the police and other officials of the administration but the sand thieves managed to flee the scene sensing their presence, leaving behind 8 excavators and 23 trucks.

According to mobile court sources, the authorities conducted the raid with the help of the police after receiving a complaint that hundreds of trucks and excavators were being used to lift sand near the city’s river embankment in Faridpur’s Dhalar Junction area of Padma River.

But the drivers and others involved ran away immediately after the authorities came leaving the machines and vehicles in abandoned condition.

Mobile Court Judge and District Administration Executive Magistrate Mojibul Islam said, “The seized trucks and excavators have been kept under police watch. Legal action will be taken in this regard.”

“We were unable to arrest anyone at the scene as the criminals fled sensing our presence,” he added.


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