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Sand haul project to begin on north end of Fort Myers Beach

Tractor work as part of the Fort Myers Beach sand haul park mid-island. Fort Myers Beach.

Posted on April 15, 2024

The Town of Fort Myers Beach announced that its sand haul project will begin on the northern shoreline April 15 with the construction of a berm and the filling in of scours.

The project will entail the hauling of more than 50,000 tons of sand onto the beach, Fort Myers Beach Communications Director Nicole Berzin said. Over 50,000 tons of sand will be trucked in from Stewart Mine to construct the protective sand berm from Crescent Beach Family Park to Bowditch Point Park.

“It will have an added benefit of raising the elevation of the beach giving sea turtles more favorable habitat to nest in,” Berzin said. “Last season’s sea turtle hatchling success rates were significantly higher than neighboring islands, which was attributed to the FEMA berm that was constructed,” said Chadd Chustz, Environmental Project Manager for the Town of Fort Myers Beach.

Sand and equipment for the North Estero Berm Project will be staged at 800 Estero Blvd. and at Bowditch Point Park. The beach sand truck haul project is expected to be completed in May, and will be followed by the Beach Renourishment Project that will dredge approximately one million cubic yards of sand from the Gulf onto Fort Myers Beach. “It will be a whole new beach by Novembe,” Chustz said.

Pyramids of sand stockpiled in front of Castle Beach and Carlos Pointe condominiums for the Fort Myers Beach sand haul project.


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