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Sand being pumped out of Little Lagoon Pass

Posted on April 12, 2023

Little Lagoon Pass in Gulf Shores is so shallow due to the sand that’s built up, pelicans can stand in the middle it. Crews right now are in the process of dredging the pass and pumping the sand to west end beaches that are eroding.

“Which is normally where that sand would end up naturally,” said Gulf Shores Public Information Officer Grant Brown.

Brown says a lawsuit years ago between west end property owners and the state forces the dredging to occur once the water level gets low. He says not only is it mandatory, but it’s also helping replenish the beach at a critical time.

“The severe erosion situation that we’re having on the beaches,” said Brown.

Brown says in addition to the current work, there’s a beach renourishment project planned that will pump sand from one to three miles offshore to the coastline this summer. Brown says permitting delays mean the project couldn’t be done ahead of hurricane season.

“It’s really important because the first line of defense for all of us here along the coast is the dune system. And so as you lose sand and as the hurricanes that come through lower the sand dune height, that is the first line of defense to protect property and to protect infrastructure,” said Brown.

The dredging work at the pass will take several months to complete.


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