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Royal IHC and WEG Join Forces to Develop Electrically Powered Dredgers

Posted on September 18, 2023

Royal IHC, a leading Dutch supplier of vessels, equipment, and services for the maritime industry, has partnered with motors and drives manufacturer WEG to develop a new fleet of electrically powered Beaver cutter suction dredgers. This initiative comes as the maritime sector strives to decarbonize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the International Maritime Organization’s targets. The market for electric dredging is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Traditionally, cutter suction dredgers are powered by diesel engines, but Royal IHC aims to transition to cleaner and more sustainable operations. The company’s new electrically powered vessels, such as the Beaver E, retain the reliability, versatility, and high performance of their diesel predecessors while operating in a more environmentally responsible manner. To ensure the new vessels maintain their performance standards, Royal IHC required an electric motor that met specific technical specifications, including power rating, speed, cooling system, insulation class, and protection against environmental factors.

To fulfill these requirements, Royal IHC turned to WEG’s WGM20 water jacket cooled motor. This high-performance motor is designed for marine, offshore, and heavy-duty industrial applications. It exceeds the efficiency requirements set by the International Electrotechnical Commission and features advanced cooling technology, high starting torque, low vibrations, and durability against water and corrosion. WEG also provides a comprehensive service package for the motor, ensuring it is maintained and ready for installation.

The partnership between Royal IHC and WEG is built on a deep understanding of each other’s needs and a commitment to sustainable maritime solutions. WEG’s global service locations enable support wherever Royal IHC’s dredging ships are located. Going forward, Royal IHC and WEG will continue working together to develop future fleets of electrically powered Beaver cutter suction dredgers, contributing to the industry’s sustainability goals.



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