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Rosmorport announces new tender for dredging on Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal

Posted on March 15, 2023

FSUE Rosmorport has issued a request for quotations to select an organization for a contract on implementation of maintenance dredging on Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal (between 130,0 and 146 km) in 2023. The scope of dredging is 600,000 cbm.

According to the official portal for public procurement, initial (maximum) price of the contract is RUB 392,004,401.76.

Bidding deadline – 17 March 2023 with the results to be announced on 24 March 2023.

The works are to be completed in April-November 2023.

According to earlier reports, 28 units of the dredging fleet were involved in 2022. The scope of dredging conducted as part of the development of Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal totaled 5 million tonnes which is several times more than the average annual results. The purpose of the dredging was to ensure operation of ships with the draft of 4.2 m.

In 2023, RF Government will provide FSUE Rosmorport with RUB 2.5 billion as a subsidy for dredging at Volga-Caspian Canal. The canal is to be deepened to ensure the passage of ships with a draft of 4.5 m.

Volga-Caspian Shipping Canal is the most important component of infrastructure on the Trans-Caspian route and the North-South international transport corridor. It is Russia’s longest artificial  canal (188 km).

North-South international transport corridor (ITC) is a 7,200-kilometre-long transport artery from St Petersburg to ports in Iran and India. North-South ITC has a western and an eastern branch, both running across Iran. The western one foresees cargo transportation by road via Rasht, the eastern one – by railway. The end point in Iran is the port of Bandar Abbas from which cargo can be delivered to India by sea. The western branch also crosses Azerbaijan, the eastern one – Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Besides, direct water transportation from Russia to Iran by the Caspian Sea is possible.

The volume of Russian cargo transported by the North-South ITC is expected to double by 2030, from the current 17 million tonnes to 32 million tonnes.


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