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Responding to the re-legalization of export and dredging of Indonesian sea sand

Green excavator digging on the beach with ocean

Posted on October 2, 2023

One of the export commodities from Indonesia is sea sand. But these export activities adversely affect the community and environment around the mining site.

Sea sand is needed especially for reclamation projects, for example in Singapore and Malaysia.

In a number of regions, especially the east coast of Sumatra, plural sea sand exports are carried out.

Especially after the government reopened the permit to export sea sand, which had been closed for about 20 years.

Unfortunately, this sand mining has a devastating impact on fishermen when fishing fishing areas, which have large amounts of sand become mining sites, resulting in a decrease in the number of fish catches.

The Secretary General of the Indonesian Fishermen’s Union, Budhi Laksana discussed this in the following discussion.


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